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The US Veterans Hall of Fame current operations rely solely on the generous donations, contributions and partnerships of our community members and businesses. 

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Community Events

Hurricane Dorian Relief Drive!!!

The U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame's natural disaster response team is in constant need of food, clothing and hygiene for the victims of Hurricane Dorian that live in the Bahamas!

If you or your organization would like to donate items, please contact us today!

All items are needed to help them rebuild!

For a list of typical necessities, please click on the link below!

CLICK HERE to download list of items in PDF form!!!

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This amazing event will highlight the accomplishments of many of our military members, and pay homage to all who have ever donned the uniform of a US Marine, Soldier, National Guardsmen, Airmen, Sailor or Coast Guardsman.

We invite the public out, at NO COST, to enjoy a night of camaraderie, good times and stories that will echo for a lifetime.

We also invite you out to this public affair to tell a U.S. service member...

The following events are FREE and open to the public! To register as a vendor or for more information, contact: CDrafton@USVetsHallofFame.org 

Did you know?...

The US Veterans Hall of Fame has an affiliated, self deploying unit of veterans that respond to natural disasters VOLUNTARILY!

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*The individual website is under maintenance for the amazing Veterans Emergency Response Unit !!!

2018 Out Of The Darkness - Suicide Prevent Walk
- Photo credit: Wanda Koch Photography

Want to host a collaborative event with the U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame?

If your organization, school, business or foundation would like to collaborate on a community event to raise money for your nonprofit or community outreach effort (or even to benefit the U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame), please contact us through our general contact form or by emailing:

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