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We are excited to announce the:
Charter Members of the U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame
International Ambassador Program

Costa Rica: Costa Rica Recovery


Click on logo above to visit the website!

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic: MedVets


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Team D.R.

Hiking Expeditions


Through our partnership with No Barriers USA, we have nine wilderness expeditions [three in Rocky Mountains and six in western North Carolina] which are designed to re-instill camaraderie and open communication.
To apply for one of them, click on the picture above to go to the expedition page.

*Corporate Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Spring Advocacy Article

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Everyday life can be demanding, frustrating, over bearing and complicated: even without the rigorous demands of a military career.

As veterans, active duty members and even civilian corporate employees we recognize our feelings, but sometimes think that no one will understand.

When those moments come, more than likely we go to a place of solitude to search for a place of peace and hope.

The inventors of the R.E.S.S.E.T. deck took this into deep consideration and through specific design created the amazing interactive deck that you see!












One of its inventors, Schmid Etienne' is an Army veteran that now conducts research in Chicago, IL along with his business partner Lauren Ruckheim, to identify stress triggers and create ways to provide self therapy, along with other interactive tools,

to turn those not so bright moments into productive moments.

Click on the video below for a brief 2-minute introduction!

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Click on the link below to go to the R.E.S.S.E.T studio interactive website and to learn more about these amazing sensory cards! 

Sign up today to begin the  experience of these awesome therapy modules!!!

Self Care and Stress Management Partner


Rita’s unique professional skill set is comprised of 20 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, including several years on the Trauma Flight team in Charlotte, NC, and 16 years as a licensed massage therapist.


Adding her in-depth study of stress management and self-care plus all her personal life experiences, she has easily earned the title of Simple Self-Care Specialist and Stress Management Educator.

Her specialty is stress management education and strategy implementation using simple self-care as her solution for reducing stress immediately and in the long term.

Through her in-person and virtual presentations, workshops, masterclass series, seminars, and Stress Less community, the topics Rita presents are not only relatable and practical, but also motivational, inspirational, and educational.


Are you ready to stress less and live happier? Each presentation includes handouts to encourage active participation and engagement as well as thought-provoking and self-discovery questions and activities.

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Click on the word "CONNECTION" to go to the link

Are you in Hawaii or planning to go?

Our partners at Mental Restorations in Hilo, HI are there for our veterans and veteran advocates with ocean fishing excursions, auto repair, boat maintenance and other skills training.

*Click the photo to go to their website!

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Are you a veteran in need of a support animal?

Click on the logo below to visit the America's Vet Dogs program website!

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