Employment Education Opportunity

This amazing opportunity is available to active duty, ROTC or veterans alike, who have not exhausted their G.I. Bill, Post 9/11 education benefits or Federal Aid.

The program allows you to reach a certification level that gets you working in just a few months while you complete the program at a reasonable pace: WHILE WORKING!

This career path has potential income of $90K in as little as 3 years as you do significant developments in the nations infrastructure, private automotive, aeronautics manufacturing and construction fields!

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Tools for everyday success!



Everyday life can be demanding, frustrating, over bearing and complicated: even without the rigorous demands of a military career.

As veterans, active duty members and even civilian corporate employees we recognize our feelings, but sometimes think that no one will understand.

When those moments come, more than likely we go to a place of solitude to search for a place of peace and hope.

The inventors of the R.E.S.S.E.T. deck took this into deep consideration and through specific design created the amazing interactive deck that you see!












One of its inventors, Schmid Etienne' is an Army veteran that now conducts research in Chicago, IL along with his business partner Lauren Ruckheim, to identify stress triggers and create ways to provide self therapy, along with other interactive tools,

to turn those not so bright moments into productive moments.

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Click on the link below to go to the R.E.S.S.E.T studio interactive website and to learn more about these amazing sensory cards! 

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This page is to highlight just a few of the many assets available to our fellow veterans in the community.

We value our community collaborations and partners and appreciate the doors they are opening for the veteran population and communities alike.

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