About the US Veterans Hall of Fame

The US Veterans Hall of Fame, a *501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the tangible product of the requests of our citizens: that the veterans of the United States military (representing all branches and states) be honored, respected and held sacred for their selfless sacrifices made for the freedoms of this great nation.

That being said, the members of the Board of Directors and corporate partners have come together with community leaders to establish a project, and a facility, worthy of hosting the stories, legacies and artifacts of the experiences from our men and women in uniform.

Our Board Members, corporate partners and current operational executives stress the need to stay in constant communication with communities to ensure that the collective consensus of the public is being adhered to: as we are a public trust and nonprofit that reflect the majority opinion of goodwill as we seek to enshrine veterans of good character, noble deed and noteworthy service into the buildings hallowed walls.

Though started by a select few of the veteran and corporate population, this venture is not owned by any one man, corporation or state and will be held accountable to be in good faith at all times as to not tarnish the deeds or legacies of our recipients.

So, on behalf of the few that represent us all, to the public who endear and cherish those who have served...

Welcome to your...

US Veterans Hall of Fame 

Due to the extreme amount of applications that we would anticipate coming from the community at large, (encompassing millions of worthy veteran nominations), our selection and induction process will be streamlined into a research and deliberation method: performed and voted on by our Board of Directors, Alumni Association and Founders.


We thank you in advance for understanding.

Further plans are in the works to have more veterans recognized, without formal induction.

Selection Process For Induction


The U.S. Veterans Hall of Fame operates with three key pillars in mind:

  • RECOGNITION - Letting America's veterans know that they are seen and that they are cared for.

  • HONOR - Doing our best, with connected partners, to meet veterans at their points of need and to upbuild the communities that they live in: while connecting the veterans to their communal family.

  • SERVICE - Finding ways to access and utilize the veterans continued service skills to better communities, in volunteer and non-volunteer ways, that provide positive outlets.

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all donations are tax deductible. If you require a confirmation for your donation, please contact us with your request.

The US Veterans Hall of Fame current operations rely solely on the generous donations, contributions and partnerships of our community members and businesses.