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Support Natural Disaster Efforts

The US Veterans Hall of Fame is on the ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, a powerful Category 4 storm that devastated Florida's southwestern cities: which include places such as Arcadia, Ft. Myers, Iona, Sanibel Island and others.

We are asking all Americans to join in the mission of helping this area rebuild. Please click the button below to donate any amount that you choose. Your donation will help buy the food, hygiene, essential clothing and housing repair kits to make sure our fellow Americans make it through the tough months ahead as seasonal storms continue and Winter looms on the horizon.

Thank you and God bless you.

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The team at V.E.R.U likes to be as proactive as possible in the gathering of essential supplies that will be needed for relief efforts.

So, every year we team up with community partners to collaboratively host donation, food and clothing drives.

In the 2019 and 2020 hurricane seasons, these efforts collected over 3,200 pounds of food (well over 5,700 meals), 920 garments of clothing, 430 lbs of hygiene and donations equaling $5100 !!!

We thank our partners for their amazing spirits during the process and for hosting such successful events!


Why was the goal higher in 2020?

In August and September, we saw a major hurricanes

in Hurricanes Laura and Sally.

The devastation left areas stretching from  Florida's Panhandle to Texas in complete ruins with very little to rebuild their lives on.

Insurance companies and government agencies were overwhelmed and forced to eject quicker than normal from the region.

However... For 5 months after the Hurricane, your V.E.R.U team was on the scene as long as our donations and supply trucks allowed.

The overall efforts will take roughly 3 years to rebuild areas of the counties, and we want them to know we are continually here... like an extended family: as well as assist in new disaster regions.


2019-20 Continued Missions

We love what we do... and who we do it for
Red cross.JPG

During mission 6 (of 12) to Bay County, FL

Donations are appreciated!​

The Veterans Emergency Response Unit operates solely on the generous donations, contributions and partnerships of our community partners. 

We thank you in advance for believing in our passion and missions.

...Thank you...


*TAX ID/ EIN # 83-2565563

all donations are tax deductible. If you require a confirmation for your donation, please contact us with your request through our contact page.

Please click button below to donate via credit card or PayPal

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