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Did you know that more than 22 veterans, (and as high as 24), are losing the battle to mental health by suicide in our country daily?



Many times, we lose our veterans to mental health crises due to preventable situations that only require a small investment into their lives.

One of our missions throughout American communities is to increase suicide prevention awareness and access to mental health services, benefits and programs for our fellow veterans and the communities that we all share.

Raising awareness on critical challenges is a step toward accomplishing our mission.

Through community outreach and events, we are able to mobilize our charitable partners and sponsors locally to provide the necessary financial assistance to make a difference. 


On Saturday August 6th we will gather to spread the message of hope to all community members, with a one-mile walk event!

This event, sponsored by Veterans United Home Loans, will feature therapy outlets such as: equestrian, massage experts, mental health clinicians and more!

*Virtual participation is an option as well!


Support Our Troops


Suicide Prevention


Mental Health Awareness

GOAL TO RAISE: $200,000

The mission of the US Veterans Hall of Fame to continue providing services to our veterans, some of which are lifesaving, requires an operational budget.

The desired estimated budget for the 2022 fiscal year is $200,000.

Here are some examples of services our network provides and are continually needed for our veterans:

  • One therapy session, ranges between $75 - $100

           - the average number of therapy assistance calls in the US has doubled 

             among the veteran population over the course of the pandemic.

  • Single utility needs have averaged between $100 to $200

           - everyday in America, a veteran in most major cities has a utility 

             disconnected due to limited income and the inability to pay a bill.

             It is also estimated that 581,000 veterans are unemployed or one 

             paycheck away from losing their homes, vehicle or other properties.

  • Housing assistance needs range from $600 to $1000 monthly

           - nationwide we have an estimated 50,000 homeless veterans any given

             night in America. Beyond providing rental or mortgage assistance, 

             (where the V.A. cannot assist the need), the US Veterans Hall of Fame

             has plans to build safe, modern and affordable housing structures

             through a partnership with Axhoj Enterprises that veterans could afford

             and would be proud to call home.

  • Career advancement training averages $250 - $1000

           - An educational course or trade school training regimen could enhance a               veteran's paycheck, so that she or he can provide for their families at a 

             higher and more secure level.

  • Community attachment (various)

           - We also provide community events and outreach functions to attach

             fellow veterans to their respective communities, as well as

             communities that may be in need of our skillsets. So, whether that be a

             day organizing and distributing food boxes to families in need or a 

             mission to assist the nation after a hurricane, our veterans get an 

             opportunity to continue to serve the nation that they love.

Any one of the above services, if ready in advance, could save a veteran's life.

The US Veterans Hall of Fame Veterans Village (conceptual)

*Update: The Hall of Fame is happy to announce that it has acquired its first land grant for the express use of building the first homes for veterans! Please watch for coming announcements!

US Veterans Village21024_5.jpg
Untitled document1024_1.jpg

We hope that our services and goal inspire you to join us on on this mission!

Please contact us today via email or phone to discuss ways that your company or organization can attach!

Donations are appreciated!

The US Veterans Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that relies solely on the generous donations, contributions and partnerships of our community members and businesses. 

We thank you in advance for believing in our project, our passion and our movement to honorably pay tribute to our heroes.

...Thank you...


*TAX ID# 83-2565563

all donations are tax deductible.

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