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The mission of the US Veterans Hall of Fame is to pay public tribute to the men and women of prior military service who exemplify great character and service.

Furthermore, we aim to educate the public on the historical service and sacrifice of this nation's veterans.

We also strive to gather resources that enhance the lives of veterans after their military careers have ended.

The mission's tangible and permanent goal is to house within our archives the stories of an exampled few, who represent the goals, the passion, the stories and the memories of our military and its brave service members. 

We will conduct ourselves as professionals and treat our veteran's legacies with care, God's love and compassion as we seek to honor them properly.


We shall not fail our heroes.

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Of the many faces we walk by daily... what are their stories?
Who are they?
Many are our veterans.
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Daniel Diridoni - A 1965 graduate of Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, California. After attending one semester of junior college, he enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 19 in 1966. 

After completing basic training, he attended infantry training at Camp Pendleton in California in November 1966. Diridoni then went to Camp Lejeune to receive training on different water purification techniques and equipment. After finishing training, he went back to Camp Pendleton in March 1967 with the 13th Engineer Battalion for one month. There, he received his assignment for Vietnam as a combat engineer with the 9th Engineer Battalion of the 1st Marine Division.

Diridoni spent 13 months in Vietnam. He built, repaired and maintained buildings, roads and power supplies. During his time in Vietnam, Diridoni served in a service company, where his military occupation specialty was water purification. Diridoni worked to purify water for the troops with his “water buffalo.”

After arriving in Chu Lai, he joined B Company to build roads near Hue City. Diridoni arrived in Hue City and remained there when the Tet Offensive began with the Battle of Hue on Jan. 31, 1968.

When the Tet Offensive ended in March, Diridoni went to Landing Zone Sally, the staging area for the 101st Airborne. He left the base camp every day with his water purifying equipment and spent the day making sure the water was safe for drinking. Diridoni also served at Firebase Bastogne in the A Shau Valley before returning to Phu Bai and rejoining B Company to help with their work around Camp Eagle. In October 1968, he went back to Chu Lai.

In 1969, Diridoni returned home to California and left the Marine Corps. A year later, he married his wife after writing her many letters while in the service.

Diridoni enrolled in college, and after receiving his degree, he worked as a probation officer. He soon found his passion for restoring cars and opened a body shop in 1988. Diridoni and his wife ran Evelyn Auto Body together in Mountain View, California, for 20 years before he retired in 2009.

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"We have multiple hall of fame entities in the nation, but not one for our nation's military heroes who have protected this country."

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