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As of September 28, 2022 our project focus is Hurricane Ian and the regions of southwest Florida impacted by the storm. Our rescue team deployed to Ft Myers and Iona on September 27 at 1700 (5:00PM) and returned to NC and north GA on October 3 at 0230 (2:30AM). 

As we plan ways to do a massive donation drive for the region, please consider downloading and disseminating the relief drive list below. It contains many of the daily essentials that those in the region will need, for months (and possibly a year).

Please talk to your business and community organizations about hosting a relief drive in conjunction with the US Veterans Hall of Fame disaster response team and contact us at: .

NOTE: As every event we host is an awareness and fundraising platform for our missions, we ask that you please also consider attending and participating in the 2022 Induction Ceremony, as this annual event is a missions fundraiser that also helps us continue our missions in the community, and for our veterans, year-round and across the nation. 

Thank you all and stay safe!


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Relief Item List

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Donations are appreciated!

The US Veterans Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that relies solely on the generous donations, contributions and partnerships of our community members and businesses. 

We thank you in advance for believing in our project, our passion and our movement to honorably pay tribute to our heroes.

...Thank you...


*TAX ID# 83-2565563

all donations are tax deductible.

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