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Hurricane Florence -

SEPT 13, 2018

This storm started off as a potential Category 3 hurricane that hurdled towards the eastern United States coast. On the eve of it's landfall, the storm was downgraded to a lower level Category 1 storm.

More surprisingly, the storm took an unpredictable change in speed and hovered over the eastern fringe of North Carolina for 5 straight days, dumping torrential rain on cities stretching from New Bern, NC to Swansboro, NC and making a catastrophic impact on Wilmington by heaving up to 5 feet of rain in some areas.

Geographically the storm was a nightmare as the cities geological structure are a natural "bowl" in shape and the rain had little chance of draining out into the Atlantic quickly. This caused more permanent damage to towns and cities as reservoirs and streams backed up and flooded inland for hundreds of miles.

Rescue efforts by V.E.R.U. expanded from 2 day operations to 8 day operations as volunteers, in coordination with local county sheriffs.

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Hurricane Florence 2018

Hurricane Michael -

OCT 7th, 2018

This storm quickly set records as it grew in size, speed, velocity and range in it's first 72 hours: quickly identifying as a Category 5 hurricane aiming at the Florida Panhandle, Southern Georgia and the entire Gulf Coast.

By the time evacuations were mandated the storm had picked up enough speed to catch the tail-ends of evacuees, trapping many in place.

Much of southern Georgia and Florida were left without power and clean water and cities such as Panama City, Mexico Beach and others were completely decimated in 36 hours or less from wind speeds clocked at 150 mph.

Tornado's were spotted within the storm as well: hidden by torrential rain and cloud cover.

Thirty-plus fatalities were initially reported within the first 24 hours post-landfall and hundreds were reported missing within the first 5 days, with many families not knowing whether or not their loved ones had evacuated.

Rescue efforts by V.E.R.U. began October 9th and continue through the holiday season of 2018. As with previous operations as volunteers, we remain in coordination with local county sheriffs.

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Hurricane Michael OCT 2018

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