A National Veterans Landmark

Missing from the United States corporate or private sector skyline is a true, artifact rich educational facility where the public can view military history, learn about veteran service and take-in knowledge on the roots of our freedoms.

The US Veterans Hall of Fame and its partners will make history by designing and opening a state-of-the-art facility noteworthy of such a mission.

We are looking to open such a facility in the northern Mecklenburg County area.

This edifice will not only hold the artifacts and memories of most modern day war efforts that have included US military participation, but will also have an intense and detailed focus on the individual lives, stories and legacies of the veterans selected for induction. We will construct a home worthy of the true accounts and personal stories, verified by the men and women on the front lines of action, that will in many cases have never been told.

Become a part of U.S. History:

Purchase a Brick !!!

Brick 2.png
Brick 1.png

SAMPLE BRICK (8"x8" shown)

These beautifully crafted, laser etched bricks are available in 3 textures and colors to have a nice, uniform look around the walkways of the museum. There are a host of images and artwork that you can select to go with your dedication to your loved one, or we invite you to use your corporate logo.

*Corporations that would like a larger presence may do so, by selecting the array option (if the 12" by 12" brick is not enough). 

The array option allows you to place your logo and writing on multiple bricks that are laid out like tiles to create one large logo! For example if you wanted a 6-foot square area, you could use 36 of the 12"x 12" bricks and have a large area dedicated to your corporations veteran support!

*Those wanting the larger areas, please contact us, so that we can discuss special pricing to save you some money!  

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Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 2.57.14 PM.png
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After speaking with several top consultants, construction advisers, historical curators, and general contractors, the consensus is that the proper building for this project should stand at roughly 150,000+ square feet and sit on 30+ acres of land. It should also be accessible to the public and in a developing portion of the chosen city of Charlotte, NC.

Such a site has been located and we are proud to kick off the Building Campaign portion of the Capital Campaign for the project as of November 1, 2019!
While completing the build out of the facility, as well as during fundraising, we will show complete transparency in monetary goal accomplishments and construction.
All monies will be allocated for the acquisition, build-out and operational costs of the project and its missions.
Corporate and private partners, as well as sponsors, will receive monthly updates in partnership meetings. All donors will be able to follow updates via this website page and will be notified of the Grand Opening of this amazing public on-take!
*All media are asked to contact our founders for information not made public through this site.

*Additional partnerships, corporate sponsorship and private donors are being accepted for the campaign.

For more **information or details, or to schedule a potential fundraiser, please contact our Co-Founders, Curtis Drafton and/ or Bill Douglas at the emails below. 


CDrafton@USVetsHallOfFame.org  or  BBDouglas@USVetsHallOfFame.org .


**all company plans, business plans, operational or financial workings of the US Veterans Hall of Fame are private and are subject to verification of receipt and potentially require a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before issuance.